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About Us

Past: West Melbourne Christian Academy held its first class in August of 1996 ministering to students in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade. WMCA was established after months of prayer and planning between Pastor Kerry Siler (former Lead Pastor), Pastor Bruce Siler (Current Lead Pastor), Mrs. Peg Siler (Consultant/Director), Mrs. Carol Godbout (Principal), and members of the church board. It was decided that West Melbourne Christian Center (now known as New Hope Sanctuary) will sponsor a school for grades K-8th and add a grade level every year. The vision came around after Pastor Kerry and Pastor Bruce did not want to see their children and grandchildren attend public school. They wanted to see their family members in an environment that could raise future scholars and to gain knowledge of Jesus and His love for them. In 1999 Mrs. Peg Siler took over the duties of Principal and held that position until her passing in 2004. In 2004 Pastor Kerry Siler became the Principal and named Pastor Mark Siler the Assistant Principal. Pastor Mark became the Principal in 2005 and is currently WMCA’s Principal.

Present: WMCA is currently a Kindergarten to 12th grade school and with guidance of the Holy Spirit, strives to the BEST school in Brevard County.

Future: The mission and foundation that gave birth to WMCA will never change even though changes are made to continue to see growth in our students and school. As we continue towards the future it is our goal to see students attending our school to be:

1. Academically prepared for the next level ahead of them.
2. Spiritually prepared
3. Mentally/physically prepared

Mission Statement: The purpose of WMCA is to establish and maintain a school for the daily instruction of our children. The ultimate goal is to provide academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. WMCA seeks to maintain itself by fostering those ideas and standards that are consistent with an understanding and acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Philosophy: The main educational purpose of WMCA is the preparation of students for higher education and the development of the spiritual, academic, social, aesthetic, and athletic values that will enable them to live happy, rewarding, and productive lives in Christ Jesus.

The Bible, God’s truth, is the foundation for all aspects of our Academy. God’s truth will be the basis of a balanced curriculum from which students will learn Christianity as a way of life. The development of Godly character and the accumulation of knowledge go hand in hand. The ultimate goal of our school is to teach our students to glorify God in all aspects of life. We require that every subject be presented and understood in light of God’s word. Our children must see Christ as the focal point of all areas of life. A Christian education enables them to view the world more clearly from a Christian perspective. We must equip them with a biblical frame of reference and a Christian world and life view. Children can then relate the challenges and questions they encounter to a set of principles and truths, which are Godly, eternal and absolute.

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